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3 simple mindset inflows that will change your life.

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One of the greatest discovery made in this era, is that human beings can alter their lives by altering their attitude of mind.

For so long, it has been said that thoughts are like things. They have dynamic power and that you can think of yourself IN or OUT of a situation.

You can make yourself ill with your thoughts and by the same token you can make yourself well using the power of positive and healing thoughts.

Think of one way and you will attract the condition that type of thinking indicates. Think another way and you are going to attract different set of conditions opposite to the former one.

Conditions are created by thoughts.

 Try positive-thinking and you will set in motion positive forces which brings positive results to pass. This is because positive thinking creates around you an atmosphere propitious to the development of positive outcomes.

On the contrary,

Think negative thoughts and you will create an atmosphere inviting all forms of demoniac negativity. This is a great law of nature.

At this very minute, as you read this book, potential ideas are in your mind. By releasing and developing these ideas, you can solve your financial problems, your business situation; you can care more about yourself and family, and attain success in your ventures.

Just a steady and practical use of creative thoughts can rebuild your life and you along with it.

There was a time when I acquiesced in the silly idea that there exist no relationship between faith and prosperity; that when one talked about spirituality he should never relate it to professional achievement or seduction exploit. That spirituality dealt only with ethics and morals or social values.

But now I’ve realized that such beliefs limit the power of the universe and the development of the individual himself.

Faith activates a tremendous power in the universe.  It is a power that can blast out all defeat and lift man above all difficult situations that he may face, when swelled deep in personality.

Atomic energy demonstrated that astonishing and enormous force exists in the universe. This same force of energy is resident in the human mind. Nothing in earth is greater than human mind in potential power. The average individual is capable of much greater achievements than he has ever realized.

This is true regardless of who is reading this statement NOW.


Without delaying, let me share with you 3 practical steps for changing your mindset from negative to positive and finally release creative thoughts.

Believe them, try them and they will work for you.


 1. Begin by thinking hopefully about everything.

Deliberately speak only good things about your job, your health, your future. Just talk optimistically about everything.

This may be difficult in the beginning, for possibly it is your habit to talk pessimistically. So from this negative habit, you must restrain yourself even if it requires an act of will.


 2. Feed your mind as you feed your body.

Your attention is your power. Start shifting your focus from the negative to the positive.  Do not let your valuable and precious brain resources be consumed by people or situations that don’t really matter to you.


3. Identify positive thinkers in your surroundings.

Make a list of your friends to determine who the most positive thinker among them is, and deliberately cultivate his universe.

Do no abandon your friends with a negative mindset, but get closer to those with a positive point of view for a while, until you have absorbed their spirit , then you can go back among your negative friends as a bringer of the light and share with them the newly acquired thought pattern.

The secret of a better and more successful life is to cast out those old dead and unhealthy thoughts and substitute them with new, vital dynamic faith thoughts.


Yes! A new mindset can change your whole life.



Alright, now you know everything you need to know to switch to a new and positive mindset.


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