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Getting to know better the Human conscious mind.

The conscious mind is the most complicated to understand among parts that makes up our mind.  This resulted in the fact that nearly everyone has mistaken the idea of the conscious mind.

There are those who say that what distinguishes the conscious mind from the subconscious is awareness. But it  is well  known that  the  subconscious can  be influenced  by what other  people  say  when the conscious mind is  totally unaware  of it, as during sleep,  while in  shock or under  an anesthetic  And it  is  also  well  known that  in a  hypnotic or meditative state information can be obtained  from the subconscious  mind about  past events  of  which  the  conscious mind was not aware at all. So the conscious mind cannot he distinguished by the faculty of awareness.


Instead, if you are to understand the conscious mind, you must understand the nature of will power.

In facts WILL POWER refers to the power of making a reasoned choice or decision and this is most definitely an attribute of the conscious mind.

This is the ability to direct awareness and attention to what is important for us. The only real ability you have consciously is that of directing your awareness and attention in response to thought or experience.  The actual directing is called making a decision or a choice.

This is what is meant by free will.

It is not the freedom to do anything you want whenever or however you want, nor to make anything happen when you want it to, nor to make others do what you want them to do.

For obviously we don’t have that, even though we can learn techniques to increase our effectiveness, we can’t make someone like us by exerting our will.

What we can do however, is  to choose  or decide  how we are going  to  respond  to our experience  of  life,  what we are going to do from this moment forward  and  in any  future  moment to  change either  ourselves or the  circumstances.

“At any moment of conscious awareness we have the freedom to choose.”

It is necessary for effective living to realize that at any moment of conscious awareness you have the power to choose how to think, feel, or act.

No one can “make” you do anything against your free will. It is not another person’s will that gets you to do things you don’t want to do. It is your own fears, beliefs, hopes, likes and dislikes and your automatic patterns.


Your attention is your Power.

Attention is the focus of awareness on some aspect your mental or physical experience.  It is the noticing of something more than other things at any given moment.

Sustained attention is called concentration You use this when you are working at a task or on a project, watching a movie or playing a game. In this kind of process your attention actually shifts quite a bit, but with a relatively narrow range.


You get what you concentrate on.

This means that the concentration of your attention sets up a vibration in your aura which will attract an experience related to what you are concentrating on.

The longer  the  span of concentration and  the  more emotional energy put into it, the  more long lasting  and  important  are the experiences that are attracted,  whether positive or negative.

Attention and awareness are not the same, but neither can they be separated.

Let’s say that attention is a tool of awareness.

If you can imagine a lamp with a flashlight attached, awareness is like the lamp, which can light up a whole room, and attention is like the flashlight, which can bring out certain objects with more clarity.

When awareness is limited (let say to a single room), attention can be used to find a doorway to another room, thus permitting an expansion of awareness.


Just a Final word on will power

We must realize that it doesn’t take any effort to use our will. All you really have to do is make your decision by your will relax your muscles and direct your attention in the way you want to go, until the new habits and experiences are established.

If you ever feel that using your will is an effort, relax and start over.




Alright, now you know everything you need to about your conscious mind.

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