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Getting to know better the subconscious mind.

The subconscious mind is one of the aspects of our total mind which has very specific Functions. For the sake of convenience we often use this term subconscious to describe it. But in many ways it is more conscious than the conscious mind itself.

What are the functions of the subconscious?

  • Its primary function is the memory.
  • It controls the entire operation of the physical body, though some of this control is shared by the conscious mind.
  • It is the source of all emotions and feelings.
  • It is the means by which the conscious mind perceives experience and acts upon it.
  • It reasons logically and obeys to orders.


Without delaying, let us examine these functions in deep but remember that some of these functions may not seem to apply to your own subconscious at first glance.



Its primary function is the memory.

It is because of the memory function of the subconscious that we are able to learn something so well that we don’t have to think about it anymore.

For example you can talk about business while eating, walking, riding a bike or playing chess. In all at these a more or less automatic process of remembering is taking place, a memory of learned pattern of behavior.


Much of our memory is  so close to  the  surface that  we do not  notice  any  time  lag  in  our desire  for it  and  its appearance,  except when it  refuses to appear for  some inexplicable reason.

Two things are required in order for memories to be easy recalled.

First, the  original impression  must receive conscious attention; and  second, the  impression must be tied  or  associated to other impressions There  is a lot of information in your bio-computer,  and  it  is much easier  for  your subconscious  to  find  a word  than a bit.

This is why names  are frequently  difficult  to recall,  and  also why they  often pop  up long  after called  for  them.  They did not  have enough conscious attention on them  when they first  appeared, and  so they were not  on call  Their coming to mind later  merely indicates that  it  took  the subconscious a  while to find  them.  Of course, tension or anxiety can disrupt your memory process as well.


It controls the entire operation of the physical body.

All of the process systems of the body (nervous. circulatory, muscular, energetic, digestive, etc.,) are under direct control of the subconscious mind.

Most of  its knowledge of how to operate these systems comes from cellular directives such as that  in the  DNA molecule, but  a  considerable  amount is  received  from parental and  social  beliefs, as well  as conscious decision making training.

However, this influence can be either positive (as when its operation is improved) or negative (as when its operation is impaired). In other words,  the  operation of  your body is  influenced very directly by the  way you  think  and  feel  and  by what you think,  as psychosomatic medicine has  shown long before.



It is the source of all emotions and feelings.

Emotions  and  feelings  are  no more and  no less than movements  of  bio-energy accompanied  by particular thoughts  and/or  patterns of  muscles tension which  distinguish  them.  Emotions can be stored  as potential  energy in muscle tension under certain conditions,  but  generally they are  evoked on the spot  by a  mental physical,  or environmental stimulus.PleeLife -One life, Live it.

There exist four primary energy response patterns, which are: fear (withdrawal), anger (attack), joy (expansion), and action (mental or physical activity).  Fear and anger combined can get emotional energy locked up in muscle or even cellular tension.

All of these  responses and their  combinations  are  released because of  associations  stored  in  the  subconscious memory, and  they will  continue to be released by the  same associations  until the  memorized patterns  are changed by conscious intervention.


It is the means by which the conscious mind perceives experience and acts upon it.

We have conscious perception of our world through our senses which number far more than the basic five.

All these senses come through the nervous system into conscious awareness, but it is the subconscious which monitors them so they do not overwhelm us. It brings  certain ones to our attention at particular times for  particular reasons,  diminishes  certain  ones in  response  to beliefs  held, and  learns  and  stares the  learning  of  how to enhance  certain senses.


It reasons logically and obeys to orders.

People think  the subconscious is irrational because it  acts  contrary  to what they consciously  want in the moment,  and  because it  seems  to act  that  way without any apparent  reason  The  key  word here is  apparent.  Your subconscious is always acting on the basis of an assumption –a   belief about reality accepted as true at some point in your life.

But once you know it  is completely logical,  then all you  have to do is  convince it  to follow  another  set  of assumptions and  attitudes.PleeLife -One life, Live it.

The subconscious  is  not  an unruly, rebellious child  nor  does it  ever work against your  best  interests  its point of  view.  Whenever it seems to be opposing you,  it  is  because  it  is  following  previous  orders  that you either  gave it  or allowed to  remain.

The main thing to remember is that your subconscious will serve you faithfully and quickly, as soon as you learn to give good order.




Alright, now you know everything you need to about your subconscious mind.

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