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Getting to know the three selves of the human.

According to a philosophy that I quite believe into, of ancient Hawaiians called Huna, each of us has three selves –a subconscious self, a conscious self and a super-conscious self. All three are aspect of a whole.

All three are aspects of a whole, yet they have separate functions and interact as a team in order for a human to survive from the environmental constraints and have a healthy, happy and fulfilling life.

PleeLife -One life, Live it.
This applies to most people you close paths with.

When for some reason there is a conflict or certain disorder between these three selves, the result can be disrupted social or environmental conditions and physical or mental illness. Modern science and psychologies accept the idea of a conscious mind and subconscious mind, though few have gone as far as the super-conscious.

In this article, I will try to bring this rather abstract explanation down to a concrete level through the use of short explanations about the three selves that I will clearly treat in the articles to come. Subscribe to the newsletter for updates!

Without delaying, let me begin by:



1. The Subconscious self.

This is a human self that can set up or establish things (like habits), that can change into something else or move from one state to another. This self likes to feel in control if situations, that may act spontaneously without regard for what others are going to think about it.

This is a self that acts like a servant, acting secretly or in a more hidden way. This is a part of you that makes your heart beat 24/7  and transforms the food you eat into fingernails or hair etc.

This self also becomes very attached to people, places and certain ways of doing things in life. Also, the subconscious reasons both by  taking  a  general principle  or belief  so as to apply it  to specific situations and by taking a specific experience so as to derive  from it  a  general principle  or belief.

For example. If a girl has a belief learned in childhood from her parents that sex is bad. Unless the belief was changed, the subconscious would act accordingly in every specific sexual situation for the rest of one’s life.PleeLife -One life, Live it.

The subconscious  is  constantly communicating  with  the  conscious  mind, but  our  society has  not  put  a  high  priority on this  type of communication,  so most  people  can’t  take advantage  of  this valuable  resource.  It “speaks” through dreams imagination, feelings, physical sensation and slips of the tongue.



2. The Conscious self.

By talking about the conscious self, I’m referring to awareness, communication, desire, thought and achievement. This self exists to give direction and purpose in our life. One of the most important functions of the conscious mind is  that  of  giving direction to the subconscious.

The conscious self-communicates through speech, writing or drawing, physical action, dramatization, and thought.

It has the same reasoning capability as the subconscious, but it can also jump reason by creative insight.

Probably  the greatest talent  of  the  conscious  self is that  of  being able  to imagine  what isn’t . The  subconscious can  only imagine  what has  been and  create new combinations  out  of  old  experience, but  the conscious self  can  create completely  new ideas  and experience.

3. The Super-conscious self.

This is not  God in the sense of  Supreme Being  It  is  more like  God Within, the nature of  the  individual.  You can think of it as a sort of guardian angel.

It is the source of individual life, purpose and expression. In that respect it  is I highly consider it  as an inner  being rather  than  as a  spirit that lives  in the  sky  someplace.

For the individual it gives guidance, information, and inspiration, but does not give orders. It  is  sad  to see  someone  waiting for  his Higher Self  to  tell  him  what to do,  because it  just  won’t  happen.

Once the  person  decides for  himself what to  do, however, the  super-conscious  makes  available  an abundance  of  ideas,  knowledge and  energy  to  carry it out things.PleeLife -One life, Live it.

The super-conscious communicates through the channels used by the other two selves, as well as through direct inspiration. We this happens, one suddenly know something new and the new knowledge is accompanied by a deep sense of stability and peace or a peaceful kind of excitement.



Alright, now you know everything you need to about our three selves.

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