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How to enter the female spirit and both tune on the same frequency.

Of all the seductive tactics, entering someone’s spirit is perhaps the most devilish of all. It gives your victims the feeling that they are seducing you. The fact that you are indulging them, imitating them, entering their spirit, suggests that you are under their spell.


You are not a dangerous seducer to be wary of, but someone compliant and nonthreatening.

Once their defenses are down, they are open to your subtle influence. Soon you will begin to take over the dance, and without even noticing the shift, they will find themselves entering your spirit. This is the endgame.

The number one complicated program on this planet is the brain of a woman.

One of the great sources of frustration in most men’s lives is women’s stubbornness.  How hard it is to reach them, to make them see things our way. We often have the impression that when they seem to be listening to us, and apparently agreeing with us, it is all superficial—the moment we are gone, they revert to their own ideas.

But instead of complaining about how misunderstood or ignored you are, look at them through the eyes of the seducer.  By using the only way to lure people out of their natural intractability and self-obsession, ENTERING THEIR SPIRIT!



How can one enter another person’s spirit and feel the connection –especially a woman’s spirit?

This is very simple.

PleeLife -One life, Live it.

You do not have to spend days studying their minds; simply conform to their moods, adapt to their tastes, play along with whatever they send your way. In doing so, you will lower their natural defensiveness. Their sense of self-esteem does not feel threatened by your strangeness or different habits.

People truly love themselves, but what they love most of all is to see their ideas and tastes reflected in another person. This validates them. Their habitual insecurity vanishes. Hypnotized by their mirror image, they relax.

Once they are open to you, it becomes easy to infect them with your own moods and heat. Entering the other person’s spirit is a kind of hypnosis; it is the most insidious and effective form of persuasion known to man.


Remember, When you mirror people, you focus intense attention on them. They will sense the effort you are making, and will find it flattering. Obviously you have chosen them, separating them out from the rest. There seems to be nothing else in your life but them—their moods, their tastes, their spirit.PleeLife -One life, Live it.

The more you focus on them, the deeper the spell you produce, the intoxicating effect you have on their vanity and the more they are going to think about you.




Alright, now you know everything you need to know to start negging beautiful girls.

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