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How to gain easy power in life by relaxing

Hello guys!

We all know that Relaxing is a natural restorative process. One would think that any person after a day’s work would be able to relax peacefully, but apparently most people have even lost the art of relaxing.  In fact they cannot relax naturally unless they use alcohol, cigarettes or drugs.

It is almost impossible for some people to sleep without calming their nerves with the consumption man-made tranquilizers. This unhappy situation has become so serious that I decided to work on this matter and so I came up with a solution that   I call:

“The calm supremacy of an individual over circumstances”


One of the simplest methods that can be used here for reducing stress and tension is to practice the easy-does-it attitude.

Try to do everything more slowly, less hectically and without pressure. I know a lot of people –man and woman using this similar method for reducing stress and tension. It is becoming a quite general and popular procedure nowadays.

This art helps you to keep a quiet mind, avoiding all kinds of hectic reactions of haste while enabling you to practice peaceful thinking. You can perform your responsibilities on the basis of the most efficient conservation of energy.


Another simple method is to drain the mind. Several times each day, try draining your mind of all irritation, all resentment, disappointment, frustration and annoyance. This is because these unhappy thoughts tend to accumulate until a major blasting out process is necessary.


Remember, to use effectively these methods you need to think in spiritual means.  You must tune your mind on a regular interval with the universe (God).  This refills you with peace and harmony from the creator.

PleeLife -One life, Live it.

This is due to the fact that Relaxation results from re-creation, and the process of recreation should be continuous. The human being is meant to be attached to continual flow of force that proceeds from God through the individual and back to God again for renewal.


Below are 4 simple ways you can use these methods to work hard easily and relax for easy power.


 1. Do not take life too seriously.

You are not carrying the whole world on your shoulders. Banish that idea from your mind. NOW!

You are here in this life to give it a purpose and become who you want to be using your free will power. No one is going to choose for you what is best for you.

There exist no bad or good unless you decided or accept the sh*t to be so.


2. Commit yourself to loving what you do.

Then it will become a pleasure, not drudgery. Perhaps you do not need to change your job. You may need to begin by changing yourself and maybe your work will seem different.

You can also Plan all your work and commit to the plan. This is because lacks of system always result into I’m swamped” feeling.


 3. Change your perception of reality.

Acquire a correct mental attitude by always remembering that ease or difficulty in all what you do depends upon how you think about it.

Think it is hard and you make it hard. Think it is easy and it tends to be easy.

The whole world is how you perceive it.  People experiencing strong inner emotions are less vulnerable to external pain.


4. Believe in the presence of an unseen partner.

It is surprising the load the universe will take off you.  God is always greater in offices, factories, stores, kitchens, seduction, finances, relationships etc. this is because He is the creator of everything and nothing.

His help will make your work absolutely easy.

You may not know the results of what you are doing but you will never have results if you do nothing.


Hasta la pista.




Alright, now you know everything you need to know to gain easy power by relaxing.

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