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How to master the art of sending mixed signals –NEGGING!

“At that moment when the blondie I met at the party started being aware of my presence and more vaguely intrigued by me, I should have stirred her interest before it settled back to her friends.”

I should have Negged her! This is my stupid regret for the last evening.

I’m writing this post to save you from this shitty regret that I’m feeling because I forgot to use an important tool in game called a NEG.

A NEG is a tool used in seduction, developed for the primary purpose of cracking extremely beautiful girls.

THE NEG THEORY is based on the fact that one cannot experience pleasure without experiencing pain, one cannot find light without knowing darkness and that girl cannot feel attracted to you without feeling rejected by you.

This because humans, our attention is at first attracted by what is obvious and striking, but that attention is short-lived; in the long run, ambiguity is more potent.

PleeLife -One life, Live it.

This is why mastering the art of sending mixed signals can be of a great importance especially for the seducer. Being both tough and tender, both spiritual and earthy, both innocent and cunning.  A mix of qualities suggests depth, which confuses people as it fascinates them even.

This seductive process involves filling someone’s mind with your image.

Your beauty can attract their attention but not their obsession; girls will soon move to the next striking image.

In order to deepen their interest, you must hint a complexity that cannot be grasped in a week or two.  You are irresistible lire, promising great pleasure if only it can be possessed.


Your physical presence must become a haunting mental presence.

Our minds are barraged with millions of images in a day –not just from media but also from the disorder of life. And in our time most of these images are quite striking. Your appearance is just one more thing screaming the scarce attention of humans. Your attractiveness will pass unless you trigger the more enduring kind of emotions that people will think of you in your absence. This means engaging their imagination, making them think of you that there is more to you than they can see. And then they are hooked!

This must be done early on, before your target knows too much and their impressions of you are set.


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The essence of coquetry is to combine the two attitudes at the same moment. To show too much desire for attention is to signal insecurity, and will often drive people away; play it too cold and disinterested. We are all complex and ambiguous, full of contradictory impulses; if you show only one side, even if it is your good side, you will wear on people’s nerves. They will suspect you are a hypocrite.


Remember, everything depends on your target: do not bother creating depth for people who are insensitive to it, or who may even be put off or disturbed by it.

You can recognize such types of girls by their preference for the simple pleasures in life, their lack of patience for a more nuanced story with you.PleeLife -One life, Live it.

With these kinds of girls, keep it simple. They are insecure. This is why I began telling you that Negging is a tool used in seduction for cracking extremely beautiful girls who are very confident of themselves in their game of seduction with you.





Alright, now you know everything you need to know to start negging beautiful girls.

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