♦ Who am I ?

My name is Rene Plee, I’m a young passionate and motivated entrepreneur with a wide range of interests.

After having started from nothing a few years ago, I transformed the wholeness of my life. And from that moment on, my purpose is to share what I learned from personal experiences, so as to inspire and influence positively several millions of lives around the world.

I began my journey in personal development at a level where I had a very low self-esteem, few friends and absolutely no real relationships with the opposite sex.   

The future has many names. For the weak, it’s unattainable. For the fearful, it’s unknown. For the bold, it’s ideal. —VICTOR HUGO Click To Tweet  

 ♦ There are two main reasons why I am sharing this with others.

  •  First, we all teach what we most need to learn. By sharing an idea with others, we get to hear it again and remind ourselves of what we value and believe is important in life.
  • The second reason is that there is an incredible, almost unexplained, richness and joy that comes from helping another person make a truly important and positive change in his/her life.


 ♦ I AM  ………


………. A hunter of Human Excellence

I seek out those individuals who break the norms and
demonstrate to all of us what’s really possible. I learn
what those few extraordinary individuals do that’s
different from everybody else, and then emulate them. I
find out what works, and then I clarify it, simplify it, and
systematize it in a way to help people move forward.Reneplee- PleeLife- One life, Live it

………. A proud citizen of the  planet: 

I was born in Rwanda, but my wandering spirit pushes me to travel and find adventures in different countries around the world.

………. Multilingual:

I speak English, French, Swahili and Kinyarwanda as my native language. In extra I also speaks the language of love and romance.

………. Always interested in supporting others:

I likes assisting and uplifting people with his ideas and opinions, so as to help them change their lives for the better.


………. A man with a mission :

My mission is to help women and men become the best-version of themselves by empowering them with knowledge, courage and everlasting confidence. Pushing them to attain their highest potential in this life.




………. A model:

I am in love with men’s fashion and I celebrate it every day of my life.


………. A mentor to a lot of men around the world: 

I believe that everyone deserves to live the life of his dreams. And that they can, only if they know how. So do not hesitate, just feel free to check some of my work here on PleeLife.


you will find my point of view, different channels of perception, some flashbacks of my experiences and of course a lot of advice in Personal development, seduction and social relationships.

I am very happy here and  I enjoy sharing my ideas with you, hoping that you appreciate your reading on PleeLife.



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