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The simple way to seduce with Boldness.

I highly consider seduction as another universe that is very different from what we experience in real life.  What one can live during courtship with a beautiful girl is the opposite effect of what he experiences in real life.

In real life, we learn to be kind and polite, at least on the surface. Even those who have power generally try to act humble and modest in front of people —they do not want to offend or stir envy and resentments.

Contrariwise, in seduction you can throw all your nuclear bombs, revel in your dark side and inflict little pain—in some ways be more yourself.  This naturalness in this respect creates attraction and is seductive in itself. The problem is that after years of living in the real world, we lose the ability to be ourselves. We become timid, humble and over-polite.


No one is born timid.

Timidity is a protection we develop. If we never take risks or try we will never have to suffer the consequences of failure or success.  If we are kind and unobtrusive, no one will be offended and no one is going to offend us in return.

Your task is to regain some of your childhood qualities, to root out all this false humility. And the most important quality to recapture is boldness.


In Seduction, the game is not egalitarian; it is not a harmonic convergence. Holding back at the end out of fear of offending, or thinking it correct to share the power, is a recipe for disaster. You will immediately LOSE YOUR GAME!

PleeLife -One life, Live it.

If you are so concerned about the other person, console yourself with the thought that the pleasure of the one who surrenders is often greater than that of the aggressor. THIS IS A WORLD OF PLEASURE NOT POLITICS!



If everyone were bold, boldness would quickly lose its allure.

The bold move should come as a pleasant surprise, but not too much of a surprise. Learn to read the signs that the target is sending to you. Her manner of communicating with you will have changed and this will be the time to strike. If you wait too long to the point where she consciously desire and expect you to make a move, it loses the piquancy of coming as a surprise.

Don’t plan your bold move in advance; it cannot seem calculated. Wait for the opportune moment, be attentive to favorable circumstances. This will give you room to improvise and go with the moment, which will heighten the impression you want to create of being suddenly over-whelmed by desire.


In seduction, one person must go at the offensive and it is you. And this is done at the right time.

You are the male carrying a little sack containing hundred millions of sperms and she is the female carrying 1 small egg for not even a week. This means that men, we are on the evolutionary pressure.

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If you seem impatient, champing at the bit for sex, you signal that it is all about libido, and that it has little to do with the target’s own charms. A lengthier courtship will feed the target’s vanity, and will make the effect of your bold move all the more powerful and enduring.

Once you read in your targets’ gestures that they are ready and open. Through signs such as a look in the eye, mirroring behavior, a strange nervousness in your presence—you must go on the offensive, make them feel that their charms have pushed you into the bold move. They will then have the ultimate pleasure: physical surrender and a psychological boost to their vanity.

PleeLife -One life, Live it.

“The more timidity a guy shows with us the more it concerns our pride to tease him on; the more respect he has for our resistance, the more respect we demand of him.  We would willingly say to you men: "Ah, in pity's name do not suppose us to be so very moral; you are forcing us to have too much of it.” Unknown 



Alright, now you know everything you need to know to start seducing with boldness.

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